Last2Weeks is a participatory newsletter project I started after the 2016 election to encourage and challenge my peers to stay politically and civically engaged for the long haul.

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From the participants:

Knowing that it’s going to arrive in my inbox feels like a source of stability and comfort in a time when everything feels unstable.
Part confessional, part support group, and part conscience.
An interactive email list to help you keep the momentum of the resistance moving forward.
I really enjoyed seeing how many of the responses from other people involved initiatives they started in their own work places or communities. It’s easy to think of activism as something you go out and do or something you sign up for, but I appreciate the reminder not to overlook the people and places I come into contact with every day.
It’s given me lots of resources to make contacting state and local legislation easier and more effective. There’s a lot of people out there making it as easy as possible so there was no reason not to do it and make my voice heard.
I love seeing what other people are reading and doing to keep engaged. I feel like it’s a nice curated list of content to digest and not overwhelming like when I look on any of my social media feeds.
[A] bi-weekly digest that shares what people are reading and doing to be better citizens, allies and community members after the 2016 election.
I’ve read so many interesting articles that I wouldn’t have otherwise seen, donated to organizations I didn’t know about, etc., that it made me a more active and aware citizen.
I didn’t realize how much it was something I looked forward to, as a way to help me process / understand events, until one of my first thoughts after reading about the Las Vegas shooting was - I wish this was a Last2Weeks week.
I love the routine and how it encourages me to stay engaged and active and connected.