Other projects

This Asian American Life (working title)| 2018 - Present

A podcast-in-development at the Made in NY Media Center by IFP

Last2Weeks | 2016 - Present

Supporting and challenging my friends to stay engaged post-election with a bi-weekly newsletter that curates their own learnings and activism.

The Double Luck Swazi Hotel | 2016 - Present

A drama pilot about a Chinese family navigating apartheid-era South Africa.

  • Semifinalist, 2017 Made in New York Writers Room Fellowship
  • Second round, 2017 Sundance Episodic Story Lab

Trip Notes | 2015 - Present

Sharing notes and recommendations from recent travels.

The Sundae Fantastique Show | 2017

A musical talk show on Brooklyn public access television. I book, co-write, and perform in "Sundae School," a segment that invites guests to talk about civic-minded topics relevant to New Yorkers.

US/SA | 2015 - 2016

Collecting links at the intersection of the United States and South Africa

The Throughline | 2014 - 2015

Documenting my time spent expanding my UX toolkit

Science Road Trip | 2013

A road trip exploring astronomy, geology, and oddity through the southwest and beyond.

OccupySMS |2012

An automated, SMS-based system created to connect volunteers on the ground with households affected by Hurricane Sandy.

Proud Member: Tech LadyMafia, Civic Hall

Past Participant: Act Local (2017), FindSpark Hustle Summit Mentor (2014- Present), Personal Democracy Forum (2015), Hacking Journalism NY (2014), FindSpark Conference Panelist (2014), Feast Conference (2013), Drone Conference (2013)